Chickens laying at night on roost

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5 Years
Feb 9, 2017
We introduced 4 new ISA brown hens to the flock this past summer. They laid in nesting boxes at first, but then one started laying at night onto the poop board. Now another has joined her! We're dismayed to be losing 2 eggs a 'day' from this behavior! The eggs are cracked and dirty when we find then in the am btw.

We have 7 birds total. Two clean, hay-lined nesting boxes I've never seen used at the same time, ample roosting space and run space.

I don't know specificallywhat time the eggs are being laid but when I go out first thing in the am --there they are sad and broken on the board.

Has anybody succeeded in correcting such or similar behavior, or any ideas to try? Thanks for any help!
I had a brief issue with that when fall came & it was dark later & later in the am. 1 pullet was used to laying very early, then it started staying dark later & she couldn't see to get down off the roost! Her internal clock caught up & she started laying later & it hasn't been an issue since. I can't say how to help you, but thought I'd mention it because maybe it's just too dark for them to get down when they need to lay. :confused: Maybe a light on a timer early & see if that would help?

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