Chickens maybe sick. Should I give antibiotic.


Jul 13, 2016
Hi everyone,

For about 2 weeks now my 2 chickens have had a cough and sneeze. One of them has a runny nose. Other than those symptoms they are acting completely normal. Laying eggs, eating, drinking... I've been doing so much research online that my head is spinning and I am confused! I don't want to bring them to the vet and spend all that money so I've been putting VetRx on their beaks and under their wings. I also purchased the antibiotic Duramycin but haven't given it them because I wasn't sure if it was necessary and I would rather not throw out their eggs for a few weeks. What would you do? Should I give them the antibiotic? Do you think they have that Chronic Respiratory Disease? I feel like if they had that they would be dead by now. Any help would be appreciated!!! I feel so bad for my little girls. Thank you!
I would go ahead and give them the duramycin as directed. Clean the coop, all feeders & waterers very good. Is there good ventilation in your coop? Something I do with my eggs during withdraw periods, I cook them up and feed it back to them. I don't like to waste! :D

The sooner you get them treated, the sooner they will get better and the less likely they will get worse.

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