Chickens Nesting Boxs.


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
Hello everyone.

I have one question to ask regarding chickens and nesting boxes. i got 5 layers. and i am so happy with that. And i have big three nesting boxes inside the chicken coop. But the thing is. all of them ignoring the nesting boxes and go to the far left corner box and want's to lay there. So. when i go to the chicken coop to see how they doing i see some of them waiting to take over. which i don't understand why they are ignoring all the boxes and they want to lay in one box? i tried to put fake eggs in the other boxes to give them an idea but it wont work. i feel bad for them because they have to wait on line to get that box.

Thanks alot.
Thanks alot. Oh that means i am not the only one with is situation.
They probably feel exposed in the big boxes, that's why they are going for the corner. Egglaying is private business! Mine are kind of tight (10"x14" for 6lb hens) and have hensized holes for them to go through to get inside. The girls love them.

They like privacy and there is always a favorite nesting box.
Check out the privacy curtains
Thanks alot Maggiesdad. So. do u think i should just make the boxes smaller than 1 foot ?

Oh Francie, I like what you did with the nesting boxs. thanks alot for sharing.
Also, if they are preferring to nest in a particular corner, you could always put a nest there for them.
You could grab an old planter or box and put it there for them.
I noticed that some of my chickens enjoyed laying eggs on a shelf in my pole barn, so I put an old planter there and now they lay their eggs in the planter.


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