Chicken's new security system

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  1. kimisfishing

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Branson Missouri
    note to chicken wire is easier to use than used......that being said
    I got the CW around the pen today, wrenched my back but the chickens are safe....
    they seem to like the red zip ties I used [​IMG]
    I will wait a few weeks to do the pallet walls on the outside of the pen.
    The grand dog thought gama was nuts out in the sun with wire, zip ties and cutters, ging in and out of that thing with the stupid bird things in it. [​IMG]
    She is not going anywhere near it cause she dont want to get trapped in there with them.
  2. cva34

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Van Vleck ,TX
    Sounds Good.But if the Zip Tys are not UV protected they will crumble in sun in less than year.Around here Quality Zips that are UV protected are about $1.00 per 100 more and last 5y+.My guess red are not.All the UV protected that I have are black.dDon't have to to replace them now Slip in a few between others and as they fail replace...cva34

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