Chickens not laying eggs

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Hi everyone,
    We've had our first batch of chickens about nine months now. We have five hens and all last summer we almost always got five eggs per day. For about the last month or two, however, we've only been getting one egg per day and I think it is coming from the same chicken. We live in Southern California where our coldest nights are still in the 40's. A couple of the chickens have lost some feathers which our supply store says is probably molting. A couple of the chickens have also been picked on--one has a bald butt and another has a bald spot on her back right above her tail feathers. That happened right after they started laying eggs last year so its not new.

    I've dusted the chickens with a poultry dust for mites and I completely cleaned out their coop. I also sprinkled some of the dust around the coop before I put new shavings in. The coop is 4x8 with lots of ventilation and their pen is 8x16 so I think they have plenty of space. We feed them a commercial chicken food for layers and the occasional fruit or vegetable from our garden.

    The chickens all seem to be eating and pooping and they all seem active and otherwise healthy. Anyone have any suggestions? What about diatamaceous earth and apple cider vinegar?


    We have one buff orpington with a bald butt, one rhode island red with the bald back, one Delaware, and two Easter eggers which sadly lay white eggs. I think the buff orpington is the one still laying. All the chickens are standard. Since it doesn't get very cold, we do not have a light or heat inside the coop.
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    :welcomeWhat kind of birds are they? Standards or Banties? Laying is more determined by day length than by air temperature, although very low temps can affect laying. 40 is not considered low. Mine were laying just fine in 5 below weather. Generally, they just slow down this time of year. Do you have a rooster? He can be the cause of loss of feathers on the back. A bald butt is often caused by a hen having some runny poo trouble and then pulling out those feathers, or by lice, which often gather around the rear end.

    On posts like this, try to list your breed, sex of birds, age, what you are feeding, and symptoms. That can help a lot. Also the coop conditions (lights? heat?). Which you did! Good job!
    Hope that helps!!!

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    There are several reasons for chickens not laying eggs or having bald spots. Chickens are individuals... some may be sensitive to chemicals or impurities in their food and/or environment while others aren't. There can also be emotional factors which are actually quite common. I suggest a holistic approach. First, look at the food. Is it organic and chemical-free? You can do an energy test by holding the bag while standing and then tune in and ask if it is healthy for them. If you lean forward, it is fine. If you start to fall to the side or back, find another food for them. Next, check the labels on any sprays or products making sure you are not using toxic things like weed killers, ant sprays, etc. (Many fertilizers are harmful to animals and the environment.) Finally, see if you notice some problems in the "family." Is one of the hens a bully or do you have an aggressive dog nearby? Maybe a child is tormenting the chickens or someone is using power tools which makes them nervous. If you are dedicated to the physical and emotional health of any person or animal, there's always something you can do to improve their quality of life. Good luck!

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