Chickens not laying in the nesting box!


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Nov 17, 2020
Alright, I need help. My hens just started laying a few days ago. The first few were out of the nesting box, which I had researched and this was normal at first. But now they keep laying there. I put some dummy eggs in the nesting box, but they do not even go in there. I have fresh, clean hay in there, and it is dark with curtains. I lifted up a few curtains to let them see the eggs, but still nothing. Don't know if it helps you to know, but I have a rooster called Napoleon. He's very shy, and they don't really like him. He is also 4 months old (Hens are 6 months). He stays up on the top roost most of the time, and doesn't try to bother them. He sticks with the second batch of hens he grew up with, and tends to avoid the older hens. He has never gone into the nest box or anything. So I don't know. Any tips are helpful :)

:lol:LOL! I have an Americuna that squeezes into the nesting box to inspect the dummy eggs all the time. She's to young to lay though. I'll have to post some pictures of the nesting box. The Buffs are quite large, maybe the entrance is too small.
Maybe try taking off the curtains for now?.. Great job with putting the fake eggs in the nest box, they should eventually get the idea. What's your setup? Is it nice and cosy where they lay their eggs- on the floor? Are the nest boxes high up or some floor level?
Mine are laying all over the coop at the moment, my cockerel kicks all bedding out of the nest and the fake eggs go flying! :rolleyes: so my girls probably think to lay everywhere because the fake eggs are all over the place. As soon as I set up a cozy nest cockerel kicks it all out :mad:
.. A lot of the time older hens will take a while to warm up to younger cockerels so your cockerel may not be accepted by them till he grows up a bit more. So he probably prefers to stay with same age chickens and shy away from the older ones.
Have you seen any of the girls in the nest box, not for laying, just exploring? Look for disturbed nest material, or fake eggs being shifted around. Quite possibly they don't realize the nest boxes are there.
We have the best luck with no coverings over our laying boxes. Our young hens are reluctant to go into areas with that much covering. Also our boxes are located at eye level for the hens. We place golf balls in the boxes in place of dummy eggs. They work well for us. Best of luck to you.
I've had hens use my nesting box before but I'm thinking maybe it's too high for these new ladies. They're laying in the corner instead (blue x). 20201128_183830.jpg

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