chickens reinfecting themselves with worms?

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  1. I had planned on starting my chickens on a worming schedule, even picked up some Wazine -17 today. Hadn't seen any worms, but thought it would be good to get it started. Well, today got a nice surprise when I saw a small dead round worm in one of the chickens poo. Anway, my question is, when I use the Wazine tomorrow, and the chickens "release" the paralyzed worm parasites, what happens if the chicken then eats that roundworm? Will it then reinfect themselves with the worm? I know that they usually need to injest the roundworm egg, but just not 100% sure what happens if they eat the worm. I do plan on worming again in about 10 days with oral ivermectin, I think it is Safeguard that I have, I'll have to double check. Anyways, I feel like I should know this because I have spent so many years in the animal veterinarian business, but my mind is really drawing a blank. All the searches I have done, say that the chickens become infected from eating contaminated soil/feces etc., but nothing of eating a "paralyzed" worm. Thanks for any answers

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    Quote:I've wormed my chickens on a regular schedule for years and not once have I seen them turn around and and eat a worm from their feces nor from another chickens feces. The chickens poop and then go about their business, it's a non issue. When worms are expelled with or without worming, they die quickly because they cant survive without the host. I think you meant Safeguard too lol.
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    Quote:The expelled worms and nonembryonated eggs are not infective..Main concern is the 10,000 eggs that each adult female worms lay per day, Granted all these don't embryonate, or at the same time..even though thats a lot of eggs

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