Chickens sitting in corner during the day - is this normal?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by jojo8785, Oct 12, 2016.

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    I let my chickens free range in the backyard during the day if I'm home. If it is windy or rainy (not that cold), or sometimes just because, they sit together on the back doormat (glass door that they can see us through). Sometimes for extended periods. Everything i've read says this isnt quite normal. That they should be active for most of the day. They all are eating and laying normally and will toddle off to the nesting box to do it, then return. They also free range quite actively when they aren't sitting. So, is it normal that they are "resting" or "keeping warm" this way?


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    Did you hatch them or get them as chicks? Could be imprinting but if they are content and they are laying then I would not personally be worried. Some of my flock will have a "group preen" on my veranda if i am out there.
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    No, I got them as point of lay pullets from a breeder. They aren't very tame yet - I'm working on it. When they first did it they were definitely all preening, so i wasn't too concerned. But now they just sit there doing nothing much at all...
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    My birds spend a good amount of time just hanging out, like you're describing.

    Periods of activity, looking for food, etc, alternate with periods of hygiene and rest. Dust bathe, preen, then chill for a while and just relax. Then back out to see what's to eat.
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    Mine spend much time just lounging around too.....not abnormal at all.
    They might pick that spot because it feels safe....and/or because they know that's where the food comes from. ;-)

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    I think that's so cute! My hens will come to the door on cold winter mornings as if they are trying to get us to let them in! I think they know there are people inside and they either want food or your company...
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    Thanks everyone! Just making sure they're acting relatively normal. They've definitley tried to walk through the glass door a few times hehe

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