Chickens sleeping with the goats


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May 3, 2009
I have 2 nigerian dwarf goat and 16 chickens. The goats have their own house (an extras large dog house with a porch) and the chickens have their own nice big 10' x 7' coop complete with boxes.
The chicken keep sleeping with the goats in the goat house. Is this normal?
How do I break them of that without separating the pen into 2? I'd like to break them of this before they start laying, which should happen late next month.
After dark you will have to pick up the chickens and put them in their own coop, on the roost. Mine did that, and it took several nights of moving them and then they got the hint.

Do they have a roost?
Thats too funny! My two ducks sleep curled up with my AlpineX goat, and now my White Crested Black Polish has taken to making a nest in the goat house too. I thought only my critters were a little off their gourd!!! At least someone else is in the same boat, lol.
Could they just feel safe with the goats? Maybe warmer too.
I think its cute.
The person we got our rescue lab from (she ran a rescue) had a BR roo (huge guy) who ran with the horse and goats in the pasture. He sleeps, drinks, and eats with them. He wants nothing to do with the chickens. I believe he has a serious identity crisis, but it's too cute.
I decided to let the goats into the coop to see if the chickens would follow. We'll see what happens.
I thinks the chickens just love the goats though. This morning when it was raining, the goats and all the chickens were laying on the "porch" of the goat house. Too stinkin' cute!
Not only does my rooster love the goats. He often goes on goat rides. I'm not sure what I have a flock of, but the goats and chickens are *always* together. BTW, it is pygmy goats and a huge Light Brahma rooster, who stands taller than the goats.

I'm ending up with a freak farm.
:frowHi I,m Kay and we have Serenity Farms where we have an amazing group of chickens as well as Goats. We have found that chickens usually sleep with other livestock for warmth at night and for security. We even had one Roo who insisted on sleeping curled up next to our Hugh orange barn tom cat. The poor cat finally gave up trying to get away from the Roo and they have been sleeping partners for almost three years now. As for the hens, we did succeed in convincing them to roost in their hen house after installing two more roosting bars for them It seems they like a more varied choice of roosts. Good Luck, Kay:yiipchick

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