Chickens slowing down in production despite attempts

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    Nov 22, 2012
    I hope folks can help me out with this. The chickens I have this year (15 total) are not producing as expected. I My flock contains Buff Orpingtons (from Spring of 2011) still laying strong, Barred Rocks and a Rhodie (from spring 2012) and some leghorns (brooded in spring 2012, just introduced two weeks ago to our flock, as I just bought them). They do not They are fed a crumble mix from Blue Seal or Tractor Supply Co. (it is dispensed from a gravity feeder) and fresh water (provided daily) and the occasional hand full of cracked corn. They have a light (we are out of sunlight by 2:30pm) and a clean (deep litter method) coop. We are only getting 4 to 5 eggs a day where we were getting almost 10 a week ago. This is our first year with different breeds. We have had Buff Orps and Leghorns before with only a slight decrease during the winter. Any suggestions as to why they might not be laying as much or what we can do to increase their laying? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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