Chickens sneezing and a lil bit of clear snot

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May 15, 2021
Ok guys is it normal for a chickens nose to run sometimes. There snot is clear not sticky eyes are clear and there acting fine eating and drinking fine.running from me lol. But sometimes when I pick them up they have a lil bit of snot on there beaks and I listen to there lungs no rasping sounds. Also could it be from really fine feed that I grind up like this going up there noses.

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It's possible that the dust from the feed is causing some irritation.

How much ventilation does their coop have? Sometimes not enough ventilation and ammonia from poop can cause some issues as well.

If they are eating/drinking/active, then I would just keep watch on them. If more symptoms arise or if the discharge from the nostrils gets thicker, then let us know.

Are these tiny chicks that you grind the feed up so fine for or are you just making a mash for them?

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