Chickens stopped laying.

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10 Years
Feb 24, 2010
SW Florida
My barred rocks and buffs are still laying, just not like they were. But my EE have stopped completely and I also have a small bantam of some sorts with the EE who isn't laying anymore. The only change is they aren't allowed out to free range anymore, they have to stay in their run because there are stray dogs coming into the yard now. Are they just revolting because we aren't letting them out? It's been at least 5 days since I've gotten a green egg.
Could be a lot of things. My first guess would be stress from the presence of the dogs. This is the time of year for moulting which often stops egg production; are you seeing more feathers lying around than usual?
Our (11) hens have stopped laying. We were getting 5-6 eggs a day and now nothing. Recently got rid of a couple of hens that were not in good health and eating eggs. Could this have been a factor in everyone stopping??
Weather has been warm & beautiful, so can't contributue to too hot or too cold. Any ideas?
Hi, I have 2 cuckoo marans that I got 5 weeks ago. THey are fully grown but since being here they have not laid a single egg. The other 4 (ameracanas and R Island reds) are laying fine. No obvious signs of moulting and weather is great. They have all they need but am worried that the shock of moving has caused them to stop laying forever. Has anyone ever heard of that? Also heard that not having a cockerel around may inhibit laying. Maybe kicking up the laying pellets to 22% would help. Any suggestions welcome.
Actually the other chickens that are still laying(some) have lost more feathers lately, but I don't think the EE have. I let them out today, hopefully I will be rewarded for my good behavior.
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