Chickens suddenly staying in coop

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6 Years
Dec 9, 2013
Hi Everyone. My two chickens, one Leghorn and one Speckled Sussex, each about a year old, have always spent almost all their time outdoors in their run, even in bad weather (there is a roof though). Recently, in the last few weeks, they have been spending a lot of time sitting in the house. It's more the Sussex than the Leghorn, and the Leghorn squawks a lot when the Sussex sits in there all morning. They seem otherwise normal. This coincided with my switching from crumbles to pellets. They wouldn't eat for a couple of days, but then they gave in and started eating the pellets. They started spending a lot of time in the coop when they weren't eating. But now they seem to be eating, but they keep sitting in there. Is this OK? Is it a cause for concern? They still lay eggs regularly. And I take them out every day to spend time in their portable grazer, and they still seem happy to do this. Thanks so much.
Maybe they are trying to go broody? Or maybe they were being picked on or bothered by a rooster(s)? If they are eating and drinking fine, I wouldn't worry too much.
Thanks. The Sussex seems broody -- but she keeps sitting in the spot where the Leghorn usually lays! When they go broody, how long does that last? I don't have any roosters, but I will take a look around and see if anything else could be bothering them. They're near to the house and the windows are always open, so it couldn't be a predator, but maybe it's bees or flies or some other annoying thing.

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