Chickens suddenly stopped laying


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Apr 14, 2010
Southern Neew Hampshire
All of my chickens suddenly stopped laying this week. I was getting about a dozen per day, then, Tuesday I got 5, Weds there was one and yesterday and today nothing, zippo, nadda....

They just stated laying at the end of July and have been consistant since..

Nothing has changed, other that the weather is cooler and it's getting darker earlier, otherwise I have no clue.

any ideas as to why this would happen? I'm stummped.


My guess would be shorter daylight hours.
Maybe you could try a light on a timer to come on really early
and go out after it is good and light outside.
A little boost of protein at the same time could not hurt.
Mine love fish and since my husband and son fish alot I have
an abundant supply.
There is a 6 month moult but usually it's a partial moult, and they should have cranked up again by now. You did not give a lot of info. I would more suspect a predator is eating them or they are laying under a bush somewhere.
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