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    Hello, I am relatively new to forum boards but was hoping that if anyone else looked up tick control naturally could read this post. I have two dogs that I love very much. I live in the tropics of Australia and presumably a very similar climate to Florida and various parts of California. My neighbours dog dug a hole and went to my yard. It was then like a scene from an apocalypse movie tick after tick just came up. I picked a few off and didn't think too much about it. I went on a road trip and had a friend feed them. When I came back my puppy had 83 parasites on her. And 53 on my kelpie. I tried advocates but it did nothing then went to the pet supply store to get the strong stuff but they were sold out three separate shops were because of the epidemic that the city was facing. A man told me that you have to treat your yard or you'll never get rid of them. So I gave my dogs garlic bathed them in the homemade vinegar baths and even to my own disgust gave them chemical baths. Nothing worked and it almost seemed as if there were more. I read on this website that guinea fowl are great but I rent and live in the city. I thought a chicken coop would be cheaper than a vet bill and after extensive research on that's Lyme disease and the fact my children play in my yard I would be an idiot not to do it. Two weeks and six chickens later I have picked ten ticks off both dogs in the past two days. I put their feed where the dogs lay during the day and their dig sites. They are still not laying yet but I have to say they are a wonderful addition to our family. They are really just medicinal to watch and two of them have dog complexes and sleep with the dogs and even come sit on our laps. So for any fellow researchers out there 6 point of lay chickens spending three days in a coop took a 800m square block of 50 to 80 ticks a day per dog down to 4 a day without chemicals. They attack where the animal sleeps and destroy it. You can see chicken markings all over my dogs relaxation spots and my kelpie is happy to round them all up for me at nighttime. 90 bucks for six chickens when they start laying that's three dozen free range eggs a week. They literally pay for themselves in six weeks free fertilizer and are honestly beautiful pets. You figure monthly tick treatment is 50 a month and works debatabley or you can add life and sustainability to your life and get better results that have much more positive benefits. Even from a un humanistic point of view the average household eats two dozen eggs per week. Plus tick control for just your pet is 90 a month or 1800 a year vs chicken feed at twenty every two months at 120 that's 1680 a year saving plus if you use fertiliser you can do your own math. I hope this is relevant to any person reading it and please be aware Lyme disease is in Australia but the government does not want to deal with it. It's your family your home and your life. I Just wanted to share what I learned
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    Those are great results Greg. I've spent some time in Townsville so I know just the climate you are talking about and I can imagine it would be a perfect environment for ticks. I now live in a drier climate but one where we certainly do have a lot of several varieties of ticks but last year I didn't see a single one and didn't treat either my dogs or my cats with anything - the free-ranging birds apparently eliminated them from the property.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    This is interesting information, and would imagine quite valuable in areas with tick diseases spread to humans. We used to live in South Dakota many years ago and the woods were just crawling with ticks. To the point that I refused to go off the beaten path. You couldn't hang clothes out side as the ticks would set up villages in the clothes over the course of one day. LOL I wished we had known about chickens back then. They would have been a welcome addition and helpful at that!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
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    I've heard peafowl are also amazing at reducing tick populations and are also great flock watchers - alerting to danger quickly and loudly. I have neighbors too close to get any, but I am keeping it in the back of my mind for the future!
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    The thing about this all this neighbours and owning pea fowl rooster and guinea fowl is this. It's not like the council drive around looking into people's back yard with their net and a law book. If you talk to your neighbours and ask them if they mind you having them and explain why I think you'll find that most people are not as bad as society wants us to believe. The government works for us contrary what we are starting to believe. The laws are only in place so when they have to come to your yard they have paperwork to justify what they are doing. I've done sales before I chose to be a stay at home dad. You come over with some fresh eggs once a month and various fruit if you have garden as well statistics prove that 90% or more people will agree to it. I would bet money on that if you spoke enough times they may enquire about getting some themselves. We unfortunately live in an age of social media and cubicle thought process. Why is Facebook so popular? Because red dots mean people are talking to you. I cannot guarantee anything in life but death and taxes but people pay good money to go to zoos and see animals if we educated our neighbors on things they would probably jump to the idea! As soon as my next door house sells I am going to introduce myself with a dozen fresh free range eggs (if my girls ever lay). And I'll be getting some guinea fowl. They say that we are free but we really aren't we are bound by our own laws rules and policies. One of my theories is this a huge house takes builders contracts supplies permits and the like. But a bunch of little termites can bring it down, why because the small man working together can take it down. And it starts from the ground up. I know I rant on but I figured the universe gives you people of like mindedness and people that create a backyard farm would be of a similar mindset. Thank you if you agree and thank you if you don't :)

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