Ole rooster

8 Years
Jun 25, 2011
Milner, Georgia
Yesterday after supper I let the chickens for an hour or so. Yesterday morning they were out about 2 hours. Well in the afternoon excursion one of the Buff Orpingtons, while everybody was scratching their feet raw, got on top of a pile of pinestraw/dirt combination I had drug up clearing for the coop. She was scratching up there and I thought she was bug hunting. But she was scratching in circles and sorta dug herself a hole. She sat down in it wiggeled a few times and just sat there. The others wouldn't leave her alone and started scratching where she was laying. Even trying to scratch under her. So she got up and left that spot, squawking, but did it again somewhere else.

I thought she can't be broody, she ain't even had an egg yet. Anybody know what she's up to? I guess she could just be tired. They do work hard with all that digging they do.

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