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8 Years
Jun 22, 2013
Don't know if this belongs in this thread, but here it goes. We are looking to rent a property(about an acre). Whole property is fenced in, covered by trees, and very secluded. So secluded that on one side of the property is a highway and the other two sides are roads with nothing really on the other side but more grass, trees for at least 700'. On the fourth side are two houses but they are 200' away, and never really home. Anyway, the rental agreement is "pets negotiable". It doesn't have any specific agreement about pets outside of the house, let alone chickens. I already have some RIR pullets and I don't really want to get rid of them. My question is, if you were in my position, would you go ahead and keep them or consult with the landlord? She lives in Colorado btw and hasn't ever stopped by.
I think the temptation would be not to say anything but I would ask. Maybe she can give it a trial period if she's unconftable with chickens. I find it easier to ask first than trying to explain myself for "dishonesty". Are you already "locked" into renting?

My friend has successfully rented houses with his pitbulls after having meet and greets with landlords who don't allow to "agressive" breeds. He's determined that people cause more issues by trying to hide pets. Everyone likes upfront honesty in the long run.

I hope that helps. Its just my opinion though. :)
Well, you've heard the old saying...forewarned is forearmed...I would most definitely speak with your landlord FIRST and upfront regarding your flock. This way you can come to some agreement. Do you have pictures of your present setup, the girls themselves, etc. This way you could show her that you are a good flock keeper and won't dessimate her property. I wish you all the best and keep us updated as to the outcome for sure!
Thanks guys. It's nice to hear opinions from other people first. I will just pop the question first, not even asking about keeping them specifically, just maybe, "do you allow outdoor animals, such as chickens?". If the answer is no I might have to ask for a "trial run" or something. I mean it's an acre of property and 25 chickens, there isn't going to be that much property damage because they will have so much space. Now 8 sq ft per bird that's different, but 50+ sq ft will result in no overgrazing or dirt patches.
I live in a rented house that doesn't allow any pets (or bikes) in the house as written in the contract. But, after living there for a little while and asking if we could get a few chickens my landlord's response was "why the **** not!". There were some limitations, like having the coop behind the house so you can't really see it from the road, and having the structure be non-permanent or dug into the ground. If they seem hesitant I'd explain to them that they wouldn't be stinky/noisy/damaging and I'm betting they'd be open to the idea. Good luck!
I think that as long as you let her know they would be outside and not inside chickens that she should be ok with them. Many landlords are more concerned about replacing carpet or flooring than about a patch of grass.
Before I rented my place, I asked if I could get chickens. Landlord's reply was, "do whatever you want as long as you don't burn the house down." I think people renting out larger properties expect that any tenants will want to use the land in some way or another. I'd also bet they'd be far happier with a tenant that wants to raise chickens versus a tenant that collects junk or scrap cars, for example.
They said when we first looked at the house you could keep a dog or a cat in the yard, so…why not chickens? Maybe not in the first month, but hopefully we will get there.
They said when we first looked at the house you could keep a dog or a cat in the yard, so…why not chickens? Maybe not in the first month, but hopefully we will get there.

When I was renting, all my landlords preferred pet owners because they knew we were likely to be long-term and to do nothing to risk eviction!

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