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King Silkie
7 Years
Feb 22, 2012
All chickens with special needs can enter this contest the end of the contest is june 10, 2012

there will be no prize though but this is just for fun just post the pic of your special needs chicken or chick and put the name of it the breed and gender the winner will be on this thread on june 10 2012.

Now this is my kinda contest! :)

Gloria is our barred rock who has had a leg problem and a breathing problem for well over a year and a 1/2. She is best known for her stink eye and the love and protection she provides to her flock of 5.

Penny is our half-blind Buff orpington who has a murky, greyish/blue eye that she cannot see out of. Her other eye is a hazel-green that she can see out of. She is best known for her lovable and cuddly self!

Sophia is our delaware hen who has a twisted back. She walks sideways and often will fall over on her side, but will get back up and keep trucking on! She is best known for following us around the yard and loves to be patted!
This here is Gouda, my little Splash Silkie pullet whose beak became more prominently crossed over time. She was the sweetest little thing. Unfortunately, I lost her due to the complications she was hatched with, as well as a sudden case of wry neck. She died in my arms.

This is Pootle. She is a Japanese Bantam mix. She is nearly blind but she manages really well by using the roosters big tail as a guide. She is always stuck to one of the roosters like glue with her head in his tail! She can see big things like people and my dog and will also follow them about. I have to be careful not to step on her as she likes to climb onto my feet. She can see the big red feeder and water container, but can not see to eat treats or insects.

Zinnia Hen that is so so sad that makes my cry
I hate when that happens good luck in the contest Keep the entry's coming

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