Chickenstock fiesta yardsale August 21

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Apr 16, 2009
Hi Guys!!! Glad to hear that it was a great day and Jose had a wonderful Birthday!! We won't be able to make the next one either, Sarah is dragging me to a pigeon show in CT that week end (well, it didn't take much). But I am sure we will see some of you at the Boston Show!!!


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Mar 21, 2009
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hhhmmm....i will have to think over this date. knowing my dh he will plan on having his dad over for a late T-day dinner on that date and not bother to tell me till the day before whether i told him of my plans or not!

everyone, and especially Jose, always seem to ask me where my dh is at when i come to the swaps! the swaps aren't really his thing. though, every time he doesn't come with me to the swaps i usually come home with a new bird! i always love to see how long it takes him to find them! older birds are easier to put in plain site, he just thinks i have someone segregated due to molting or behavior issues. while the chicks are a whole another issue!
hard to hid them when you don't have chicks that were the same color or age as the ones that just came home!

Shay, the little partridge cochin hen has been sweet. one of my roos got loose in the garage while i let her out and he seems to like her a lot! gave her a whole song and dance but was nice enough not to mount her yet, just his usual greeting to new ladies! i didn't think to ask how old she was or if she was laying yet?


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Nov 10, 2008
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I'm really going to push to get to this one! I was really disappointed we couldn't go this past Sunday. I'm really at the mercy of Dan since I can't drive. I so miss just being able to pack up the van and go myself!

I was just looking at the thread from the one on Sunday and just wanted to add my 2 cents on the raffle thing. Even if there was no potty (which I know there is), just the wear and tear on the property more than entitles you to hold a raffle and keep the little bit of money that brings in, especially since you don't charge a sellers fee. On top of that, even if you DID charge a small sellers fee there is still the cost of electricity provided to people with chicks, water usage in your bathroom, and still all the wear and tear on the property. Don't let anyone make you think you aren't well within your rights! Plus, raffles are fun, a harmless game of chance

So I will have my laying hens to sell. Really hoping to move them along before the winter sets in. The whole flock was giving us 6 to 8 eggs a day before they hit the dreaded molt. (right now only a couple are laying at all while their feathers slowly come in) Here is what we have:

for $5 each:
1 barred rock hen
2 black sexlink hens
2 golden comet hens
these 5 girls are getting older and laying less reliably, but as far as I can tell they are still all laying but the price is low because of their age (2 1/2 years old) No guarantee on future production for these girls because of their age.

For $12 each
3 SLW hens
2 GLW hens - 1 of these girls is prone to being broody
1 Columbian Wyandotte hen - she went broody once this summer but we didn't let her hatch
1 BLRW hen
these girls are 1 1/2 which is the age of maturity for a Wyandotte hen so they should be in their prime now.

If someone wants to buy the whole group of 12 hens I will sell the flock for a major discounted price of $80.

I also have a SLW roo. Thunder is beautiful and well behaved. Takes good care of his ladies, very watchful. Make an offer.
I'd absolutely love it if he went with the above flock of hens since those are his ladies. If you buy the 12 hens and take the roo I will sell you the whole flock for $70

ETA: Thunder does crow, but not excessively so, the usual morning racket and then he is mostly quiet for the day unless there is "danger" or another rooster is crowing, "challenging" him.

The roo Thunder:

I can get pics of the hens if you need 'em, some are looking better than others right now. Some look like porcupines as their new feathers come in and the SLW girls haven't molted out yet or grown their backs back in after a furious summer of being mounted by Thunder. Funny that his most favorite hens are all the same breed and variety as him.

We are only selling this flock because we have a flock of breeder quality BLRWs growing up now and would like to be able to sell purebred hatching eggs in the spring without having to build a second coop.

So PM me if you are interested or just post here and I'll see it eventually.

Hope to see everyone there! ::folds hands to pray that nothing keeps me away from this one::
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Feb 24, 2009
Our Thanksgiving plans are still not set, soooooo, we will have to wait and see how things work out as to whether we can attend or not. If i still have 2 Serama chicks to sell then, we might try to make it. Oh, and if i have any luck hatching the button quail eggs i won in the last raffle, i'll have those too!
VAL, i would so LOVE to see you again! I'm sure your hens are nice, but i'm sorry I don't have room for any more----and i'm NOT building another coop this year! LOL!

Shay, i saw you entered Jose's coop in the Meyer Hatchery Coop Contest on Facebook!
....the bantam coop i own now!....Of course i voted for it. hee-hee!
I'm entering my chicken tractor in the mobile coop category. Please everyone vote for it! I'll try to get a link to make it easier to vote, but i just submitted it to Meyers so not sure if they added my photo yet.

Luvs chickens, we heard a funny noise this morning, one of the cochin-x chicks is CROWING! The other one's comb is so similar, i'm thinking we have 2 boys. Have these guys lived outside yet? I'm hoping to put them out with my main flock as soon as quarantine is over. they are so cute, they are busy scratching and pecking in their shavings as i write!


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May 8, 2010
Not going to be able to make it to this one either
Heading back to Vermont for thanksgiving and staying a couple days. So can't wait to see all you guys next spring! I did want to update on the English Angora bunny we bought from the last stock we went to. He's amazing! I've never met a bunny like him! He follows Amanda and I around like a little puppy, and will jump up on our leg so that we'll pay attention to him and pet him! Such a funny little guy!


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Jun 27, 2009
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<-----Natalie! Shay I emailed you! I am sooooo sorry I havent been by to pick up my girls! Crazy week! I cant wait to get them, Thurs or Fri ok?


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Jul 31, 2008
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We are going to cancel this one, and we will come up with a date in spring time to pick back up with the chickenstocks.

This was great year, had so much fun hosting the chickenstocks, and sooo glad to see so many chicken fans attending and haveing fun together.
With everyone there are no swaps or stocks, so thank you guys for comeing and haveing so much fun, and donateing to teh raffles, and cooking food for everyone to enjoy.

Westford has swaps every first sunday of the month unless holiday then pushed to the second sunday, Hope to see everyone there.


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Nov 2, 2008
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Quote:Good idea Shay! This will give you time to rest and enjoy the holiday weekend and to start Christmas shopping EEEeeek! Thanks for having the Chickenstocks all summer/fall, they are really fun to come to and hopefully by spring, I will have some chicks to sell, and also be thinning out the flock and focusing on a few breeds. I really would like to attempt to show next season to see what it is like. Thanks again to you and Jose and Mom for having us!!
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