Chickies are cold!!`


8 Years
Jun 12, 2011
Metcalfe, Ontario, Canada
Our hydro flickered last night just enough to blow the 250 watt red bulb in my infrared heat lamp that was keeping my 16 CX nice and warm! Grrrrr.
Of course it was after all the stores had closed out here so we had to make do with a goose neck reading lamp for the night and the strongest I had was a 60 watt white incandescent bulb. Poor little things were all piled up this morning! But they all survived and were quite perky when I woke them up getting them fresh water and filling their feeders. The local Home Hardware opens up at 8am, I'll be first in line for a new bulb! They're a week old so I think the heat is still quite important for them.

Lucky it turned out okay, I was worried that I'd get up this morning and find 16 little chicksicles!
Well crisis averted! The local hardware store had one in stock so they're warming up as we speak. I did want to buy two to have a spare but they only had one! I'll pick up another one the next time I'm out and about. The chicksicles are thawing out and they look very happy!

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