Chickly Manor returns!!!

Aug 3, 2020
Dear reader,
Chickly Manor will now be continuing but with a few changes.
1) Each Friday there will be 1 chosen winner for the cutest poultry prize
2) The prize for the winner will be; to become a V.I.P member of the group and to get a shoutout!
3) What you can do in chickly manor- Share funny stories, jokes, poems etc, Start an interesting discussion about anything and everything! This is also a place to post loads of pictures of our feathery friends from chickens to Quail!
4) Follow the basic rules of Backyard chickens and have fun!

From Chickens4Chickens!
I am writing this forum to find out what changes I can make to chickly manor. My device was not working and so I was unable to carry on with chickly manor as I would have hoped to. Please leave any suggestions on how to improve chickly manor, down below!
Chickly Manor is an online group to secure a spot for your poultry and make them part of a society. We have fun weekly challenges and following the latest update, a new points system.

You can find Chickly Manor in the 'Online Poultry Show' section. Make sure to become a member and join in the fun

Some of the challenges we do can also be found in 'Games, Jokes and Fun!'

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