Chickly Manor Update 1.2 - Challenge + Points System

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Aug 3, 2020
Hello all Members of the Chickly Manor Group!

There has has been a new update to the system including challenges and points. I have noticed how much you all like Chickly Manor so I wanted to make it a little bit more interesting, each week there will be a weekly challenge and the winners of the challenge will get a certain amount of points. With the right amount of points, members can upgrade to V.I.P for free and their poultry will become Very Important Poultry.

Following these new updates, there will be a lot of things to manage so I would like to welcome our new Chickly Manor Social Manager- @ChicklyManor_Manager to help me make this as interactive as possible!

As well as the new points system, I will be improving the reply delays and all members will be replied to A.S.A.P.

With the new help of @ChicklyManor_Manager , Chickly Manor will be improved and able to provide an online group for your poultry.

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