Chicks 5 to 1 in two days :'f


7 Years
May 28, 2012
I am new here so here it goes, first post!
I had two chicks 18 months ago which I raised in a brooder, they are now fabulous layers and are very happy indeed (Gladys and Mabel (; )
So, down to my first success I decided to get 5 more chicks this year.
This did not go so well! I started with 5, two weeks ago. Thy all appeared fine, no symptoms, happy chicks. Due to the heat wave they had been outside in the sunshine ( with shade, fresh water and dry crumb food) three days ago the first passes away, I was devastated. I removed his body, disinfected the brooder and out the others back in after letting it dry out. Then the next morning two others had died. Again a thoroughly cleaned the brooder and replaced the two remaining chicks. This morning I woke to another carcass :'( leaving me with one seemingly healthy chick (who is so clingy its untrue!) none of the chicks had any symptoms and my vet said it was "probably the heat" but they weren't panting or anything. They simply seemed fine one day and dead the next. Thier food was all clean and dry as I am aware of ergot fungus. I don t know what to do, was it just a bad batch of chicks? Should I get the remaining chick a companion as he is NOT satisfied with the teddy and shrieks the house down if I put him back in the brooder alone :/ these chicks were two to three weeks old by the way. Any advice GREATLY received!!
Hi Emma-

Do they have access to shade in the hottest part of the day? Sometimes too much sun can overheat them, but if they have a shady spot to go to then that is unlikely.

Any toxic plants in the brooder? Are they on the ground at all? Access to dirt? Are they on medicated chick starter?
They have plenty of shade and I bring them in when its too hot or cold. They are on mediated chick crumb. I assumed it was a cocci outbreak but there's NONE of ye usual symptoms. No bloody poop. No lethargy. Just death :( my chamois polish chick is going mental all alone. I don't know whether to get him a companion or not. But if he is carrying whatever killed the others then I don't want to inflict it on any other poor unsuspecting babies. But I can't carry him round all day and he is not content with a teddy. His appetite is fine and he is drinking plenty. I cleaned his bottom earlier though as it seemed (sorry for the term) crustier than usual. Dehydrated??? Argh!!! I am so upset and at my wits end! Thanks for the reply :D
Hi Emma-

Any toxic plants in the brooder? They are on wire above grass so try can peck at bugs and turf, but that is all. Are they on the ground at all?  On wire Access to dirt?  If they peck enough the they could uproot the grass and get some i suppose :s
Where did these chicks come from? Reputable source or backyard breeder?
The sick 5 came from a backyard breeder. The other two I have (leg bars) that are separate as they're older came from a reputable source. I see where this is going and I am wondering if they were ill before I get them but no symptoms. I feel awful, although if this is the case there's nothing I could have done. I hate people who don't take care of thier animals...however the conditions that they came from were nice and hygienic and each chick had plenty of space. However she could have moved and cleaned them ready for sale :/ I am just frustrated as I paid £5 each for them. Which is £25. It doesn't seem much but I took responsibility for thier lives and they died :(

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