Chicks afraid of the dark??!


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Are my chicks afraid of the dark? When I put my chicks in the coop for the night they get all chirpy and make a lot of noise. And not only that, when it gets dark outside they start chirping too. They have had an artificial heat lamp for ALL of their life life so far and I can't blame them if they're scared of the dark. If so what should I do? Should I just wait until they get accustomed to it or ?.......
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They aren't crying because they're cold, right? As long as they're fully feathered and it's warm enough for them to not have the light, then they'll get used to it. Our chicks start chirping before it even starts getting dark. lol It's quite unnerving to listen to (especially when they huddle up in the corner), but they will eventually stop, although it may take a few weeks.

Are they afraid of the dark? I'm not sure why they chirp. :)
No I don't think it's because of the cold. I live in California so when it gets dark it's about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest it ever gets is about 55 degrees. Thanks!
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They could be afraid of the dark. Maybe you could use a low wattage bulb for light for awhile and then stop and see if they are still upset. Or have a light on timer to go out a hour or so after they roost - hopefully they will be asleep by then. They can be like little children.
I paid attention last night to mine, and by the time it was almost dark they were quietly inside the coop. It's been around 1-2 weeks since we took their heat lamp out, so they're getting better every night. Our meat chickens do the same thing. I wonder if they instinctively know they're supposed to do "something" when it start getting dark, but they just don't quite know what it is yet.
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My chicks do the same thing. I always thought it was so they could hear each other and know they were not alone after dark. As long as they are warm they will finally quiet down and sleep.

Good luck to you :)
Thank you so much! They did quiet down after a while. :)
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