Chicks and Brooder/Coop Transition

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CheeseandCackles, Aug 25, 2019.

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    How big is the entire Coop and Run?
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    That sucks, I guess it's still better finding feathers than a dead pullet. Pulling the dominant hen out for a few days helps most times, stirs up the pecking order, and makes her the new girl when she comes back. Trust your instincts though, and keep that caution when you put them in at full size. They're still going to defend their turf. One thing I haven't tried, but thinking I am going to the next time, is cutting a hole in the fence and splitting the waterer between the two groups. Leaving wire underneath so neither group can get through, but still forcing some interaction. (I use 5 gallon nipple waters, and just set a block and a brick underneath to accommodate different heights)

    Another thing I was thinking maybe blocking off an area so it is out of bounds for both flocks. Then when then putting both groups into the new area at the same time, making them both new. I don't know how well this would work. I am sure space, and resources on how big of an area could be given, would really come into play. Good luck.
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    Very sorry it didn't work out and I really hope the injured chick pulls through! Without knowing exactly what your set up looks like and how your flock interacts, it's hard to say what could have been changed (if anything) to make for a safe integration, but obviously a lot of factors go into making this work.

    I personally plan on continuing to do early integratation but that's because I know I have the space and set up that works for it, and I have the time to babysit and make adjustments as needed on a daily basis, which isn't realistic for everyone.

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