Chicks and roosting

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Feb 13, 2010
My chicks are 3 weeks old now (yay!) and going through their gawky phase as their feathers fill in. I put in a dowel for them to roost on so they wouldn't be laying in poop all the time, getting their pretty new feathers all dirty, but only one, maybe two use it. Is this normal? Will they all "learn" to use it? There's enough room for all of them, and then some, so I don't think it's that they can't find room. Even the one that roosts often will get on the ground with the others and puppy pile with them now and then. Just curious if this is normal or not.
Last year I put a small roost in and showed them how to jump up on it... I think I got this info from BYC. They will get the hang of it. Just make sure you start low.
I thought it better to use a small diameter branch with bark to allow them easier holding compared to a smooth dowel rod. I had one 3" from the floor at first one bird, then two, then it was covered with sleeping chicks. They slept with their heads hanging down almost touching the bottom of the brooder. It was sooo funny to look at; their feet naturally grip the wood and IMHO an uneven surface is better for their strength especially for the development of their feet. You don't want foot problems!
I agree with chauqg. I forgot to say that I used a branch too. I also put a pancake size rock... so they could play King of the Mountain

It was so funny to watch,
Yeah when my chicks were 3 weeks old I added a tiny dowel in with them - They didn't care much. They're about 4-5 weeks old now, and they're bouncing, flying, and perching all over the place! There's no keeping them in that brooder/chick run anymore! I think it just takes waiting.
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