Chicks are being overheated?


May 14, 2020
Amersham, London, United Kingdom
Hi guys, I have about 20 chicks currently only about 2-3 days old. Currently in England, the weather has been really hot and I have my chicks in my garage which is even hotter than outside, and I have also got two chick brooder plates for them. So I woke up this morning to see alot of my chicks very lethargic and one that was dead. I dont really know what to do now, could it be that they were overheated, if so, what can I do to help? Please I am unsure if they will survive so please help. Many thanks.


Scarborough Fair
6 Years
Jul 3, 2016
WA, Pac NW
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My Coop
They need to be moved somewhere where they can cool off - inside your home, or somewhere with good ventilation and deep shade.

For the time being I'd turn off all heating, they don't need it.

Do you have electrolytes for their water? That will help a bit with heat stress. The lethargic chicks may need to be direct dosed with a little electrolyte water, if they're unable to drink by themselves.

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