Chicks ate and passing wood shavings bloody stools


May 3, 2016
I thought I was dealing with a freak early onset case of cocci in 1 week old (vaccinated) chicks because I saw a few brownish red watery stools although no lethargy was observed.

I started Corid Sunday or Monday and am still seeing a little bloody/brownish poop.

I noticed today that only the brownish red runny poop looked like it had something in it.

Upon closer inspection I saw what looked like saw dust and wood chips in the poop. When I first got them I had them in a brooder with pine shavings covered with newspapers and then paper towels. They kept digging the papers away down into the shavings. I took the shavings out the bottom and left the newspaper and paper towels. Apparently they were eating them and now are paying for it.

Does anyone have any experience with this?
Should I discontinue the Corid and start probiotics?

Looks like a lot of blood. It's just one or 2 chicks (I think) due to 96% of the poop being perfectly normal.

I've attached pics of the stools. If you look hard enough you can see the tiny pieces of wood.

Anything I can do? Are they doomed?

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Can't advise you but do you think feeding them grit would help chop these shavings up?  Best of luck to you!  :fl

I thought about that, but was worried about causing anymore damage that what the shavings / cocci has done. I opted to keep them on the Corid to err on the side of caution and today is the first day that it looks like I'm seeing improvement. Still looks and runny, but not watery. Not as bloody looking, either. Today is the first day in a while that I can see some white caps trying to form in it as well, so I'm cautiously encouraged. I'm thinking the shavings didn't cause the issues and that it was the cocci, and that the cocci just made it easier to see the passed shavings than the other chicks "normal" poop.

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