Chicks dead in shell

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    The last two incubations I've had, I had about 20% of my eggs that didn't hatch but had a fully formed chick dead inside. . My first hatch I had none of these.. My incubator is a Hova-bator with an egg turner and is very consistant keeping temp at l00 and I keep humidity at 40-50% for first l8 days, take them out of the turner and jack up the humidity to 75% for the last 3 days. Also my eggs are all hatching at day 20 not day 2l. Does anyone have any ideas what can be going wrong? Or is this just an example of chicks that are not genetically healthy and unable to hatch? Most do not even pip but sometimes one or two will pip but be unable to get out of the egg themselves - and when we do help they usually die anyway. Both my Roos are 2 years old, vigorous and healthy. Thanks for your help.
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    How have your air cells been looking? You may have your humidity too high. In my experience late deaths are usually due to humidity being either too high or too low. In your case I would suspect maybe a little too high. As to why they're hatching early, your temperature is .5 a degree high, which causes early hatches.

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