Chicks died in brooder


In the Brooder
6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Ok so two chicks hatched & after 5 hours in the incubator they were moved to a brooder & died- did I move them too soon??
I think that you moved them too fast... you should have left them 12-24 hours in the incubator till they fluff up and start walking a bit... they will rely on the yolk they absorbed to keep them alive... so no need to give them food during this time... when they are ready to go to the.brooder then food (chicken crumbs) and water should be given.... make sure you teach them to drink by dipping their beak in the water...
You can move them whenever you want as long as there is sufficient heat in the brooder to dry them and keep them warm. There can't be drafts or anything when the chicks are still wet
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Great thanks, 4 more of hatched and I'm going to leave them at least 12 hours, they are frizzles so it takes them a little less time to dry
My first chick hatched at 6pm yesterday and the last chick just hatched this morning at 11. Should I just leave all of them in there until tmrw morning or should I take the one that hatched yesterday out tonight?
LOL i'll need a bottle of wine after every hatch! we have ducklings hatching soon but i'm not sure how good it's going to be consider we screwed up and put the duck eggs and chicken eggs in the bator on the same day & the past three days while chicks were hatching , we didn't turn the duck eggs. so who knows. we learned our lesson though!

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