Chicks & eggs in same incubator


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May 29, 2013
Outside of Fayetteville,AR.
When my hen went broody we slipped her eggs from the one other hen of that breed every day for four days. After she hatched 3 of the eggs she was done. She left and just kept up with those 3. I took the others and put them in my incubator.
Now, I'm a bad candler. First because I'm a newbe, and because the Marans eggs are so dark. So yesterday as I was in that room, I heard a peep! A little one was zipping! He was still rolling! He is out now and just fine, having NOT been layed down with air pocked up.
I have since taken out some of the egg cradlers, and laied the other 3 on their side, leaving others to continue to roll,
MY Question: How will keeping the humidity and temp. the same for all, affect them? Is it just IDEAL to lower the temp, and raise the humidity on day 18, or will one or the other be damaged in some way?
Temp can stay the same 99.5 deg. Humidity needs to be kept up higher so, chicks will not get shrink wrapped in the shell and be unable to hatch. Chicks that have already hatched will be fine and should not be removed if, there are other eggs that have pipped because you lose humidity and heat when you open the incubator. If chicks are completely dry - they can be removed quickly but, you will need to add a warm wet sponge so, humidity will stay constant and temp will not drop.
Quote: This is exactly what happened! The baby could not break free of its shell. I had to take warm water and ease the shell off. He is fine now, just looks a bit small.
So what will happen to the eggs, if I keep the humidity higher for the chicks?
I got the little fellow out and put a dropper of warm water on him where the shell was stuck. I did this several times the first day until all the shell was off. He is doing great now. I call him Weeble because he tends to drift to the right or left if he doesn't concentrate on where he wants to go.

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