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12 Years
Mar 19, 2007
North Augusta, SC
I couldn't resist some mixed pullets from TSC yesterday. However, now I'm wondering what I got. They supposedly had mixed pullets and RIRs. However, they were all dumped into the same metal bin brooder. I picked some light yellow chicks in hopes they might be Buff Orps. I also selected some reddish looking chicks with black markings on their backs a black stripe on top of their heads.

I'm hoping the reddish chicks with the black stripes on their heads aren't RIRs as they did look different to me than the majority of reddish chicks in the big bin at the store. Also the yellow chicks are showing the start of wing feathers which are white. Do Buff Orps start with white wing feathers? Or are these maybe some white Leghorns.

Here's some pics, any guesses?

Chick #1 Light Yellow Chick, Buff Orp, Leghorn? The chicks look more yellow in real life than in the photo. I think the flash faded out this little chick.

Chick #2 Reddish chick with black stripe on head and on back. RIR or something else?


Chick #3, from the mixed bantams bin at a different TSC than the others. Has feathered feet. Cochin? but what color?

Another pic from the back of Chick #3, feather-footed bantam

here is my gueses

1. Leghorn, looks like my chick
2. New Hampshire
3. Light Brahma, or Silver laced cochin?
Definately not a Buff Orpington,the orange legs give it away.It could be a White Rock or a leghorn.There are several chicks that are yellow that make it hard to figure out til they get some could also be a red sex link "male".
Went to TSC a couple of years back and wanted all cornish cross for the freezer and got a mix of leghorns and cornish. Had a bad experience with them that year so all we go there for is feed if we can't get to our farm supply store which is useally closed on Sunday.
Number 3 looks like a bantam buff brahma to me. Unless your camera is seriously messing with the colors, those wing feathers look like they are coming in a buff color, not white.

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