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    Hi my first batch of chicks (early spring hatchers) all developed their wing feathers fast but the second batch of chicks (early summer hatchers) have taken a lot longer and dont seem to be growing so fast. Is there a reason for this? They are also not so healthy looking although they have all had the same conditions they have been hatched and kept in for the first fews as well...

    In trying to figure out what might be causing it I have done an experiment where I have kept 5 chosen ones aside with me and feed and watered them and given them sleep time and they are growing more solid and faster than the second batch of chicks are in the run with the Mum. The chicks with the Mum have access to water and feed but dont get the same sleep time during the day that I am aware of. Would the sleep be making that much difference or maybe because they have weather to content with which is taking their resources whereas the chicks with me are inside [​IMG] (Just the clucky mum here a bit! ) [​IMG]
    Thanks for your help with this,
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    In pretty much all of my hatches I have chicks that develop faster than others. Not sure why as they all get the same feed, water and sleep time. Maybe it has something to do with the parent stock.
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    I always wondered this same thing...why do some seem to grow much faster than others???
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    That is a very interesting experiment! I'd like to know why that happens too! [​IMG]

    However, I guess they're just like people, all growing at different rates. It might have something to do with the amount of exercise they're getting.
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    Mother Nature takes care of her own. In spring, when it's cooler, chicks need the benefit of warm feathers faster so they get them. When it's warmer, no need for the quick feathers.

    Also, chicks with mama hen do spend more time just being chickens and don't have everything "handed" to them like a brooder raised chick does, so IMO, the brooder raised ones can put all their energy into growing.

    I still strongly believe in letting Mama Hen do all the work whenever possible. I know of at least one study that has shown broody raised chicks end up with more "chicken smarts", i.e., they learn better survival skills.
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    Maybe their sleeping time is one of the points. You may do more experiance and find out the reason. Something is related to the fast growing and you know it you can help them grow fast.

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