Chicks have dried, but not fluffed. Do I clean them?


8 Years
May 26, 2011
Hi everyone!

So last night was eventful! 3 of my 6 polish bantam eggs hatched!
One at 2am, one at 9am and one and 11:30am. (yes... I haven't slept!)

The chicks look okay... I think! First ever hatch!
They've been trying to stand and walk, and kinda just flinging around the bator. I think one has splayed legs
I've put some kitchen paper in the bator to see if he'll stand. If not, I'll try the band-aid thing. He just lays on his belly with his legs stuck out either side
The other 3 eggs are still in there, I'm not sure they'll hatch. I haven't candled them, so no idea what's going on inside them. No movement, cheeps or pips. But it's still day 22, so I'll leave them for now.

Here's the question... My chicks look to have dried off, but they aren't fluffy. I've had the first to hatch out in my hands, and she feels kinda, crispy! Lol.
They don't look dirty, but they're dark brown so it's hard to tell. I'll leave them in a while longer. But if they stay crispy, should I clean them? And if so how?

Hope you can help! And thanks for all the great advice already on here! I'm an avid reader... And wouldn't have chicks if it wasn't for this site!

I had a few that have ended up like that. I never cleaned the, they just got fluffy over time. I did have a few that seemed to have leg problems, they couldnt stand up. I think they were just weak. Its hard work to get out of that egg. After a couple of days they were fine.
i have had some like this as well, I read somewhere it had to do with humidity, can't remember exactly what though. I did wipe mine down a little bit with a warm wet washcloth and then dried them a little and put them back in bator or brooder under their heat lamp depending how long they had been out. I will say I did not do a lot to their heads mainly stuck to the back and underbelly.
Thanks for that guys!

I think I'll leave them a while, they have fluffed a bit I think. If needs be I'll use a warm damp towel... But not until they're a bit more strong and stable!
They just look really dinosaur like!
Such funny little creatures! I can't stop watching them!

They are so much fun to watch and it is amazing on how much they fluff. When the hatch out they look so bare. I have had to clean a couple of my chicks that have hatched and had a little ick on them. I carefully put them in a sink and took a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned them off and dried them somewhat with a dry cloth then put them back into the brooder to finish drying. They usually dry and fluff without help. Here is a pic of my last hatch. I had to clean one of the chicks.
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