Chicks Heads Itch HELP

MaMaw Chicken

8 Years
Mar 12, 2011
:(Please help! I bought 14 chicks from rural king late last week. I noticed immediately that 1 chick was scratching its head like crazy. I looked closely and couldn't see anything. Two days later the chick died. Today another chick is doing the same thing. They scratch to the point where they fall over. I've raised alot of chickens and never had this problem. If its mites what is safe to treat 1-2 week old chicks? I'm not sure what it is. These chicks ate completely healthy otherwise. Please help before I lose anymore chicks!
I just had this same problem! I was told that it usually indicates a sinus or ear problem, so I gave them Duramycin 10 and the chick that was really not looking well is looking much better now and everyone is ok. If you need help with's 1/4 teaspoon to one gallon, I had a real hard time figuring it out and got an answer on hear for that also. GOOD LUCK!

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