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Discussion in 'Quail' started by ShellyBear, Mar 26, 2015.

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    I didn't mean to but I imprinted on 2 baby quail and they follow me all around the house. How did this happen well I got 10 baby chicks from a lady and she didn't have any red breasted until she told me there might be some hatching so she gave me still wet 2 baby red breasted quail. It was a long trip home like 5 hours and I held them the whole entire time and the other chicks absolutely hate me which I was a little upset about though I think the more time I spend with them the more time they will like me.

    Tell me about your imprinting moments and more.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Babies attach to themselves to any large object hovering over them that is not eating them! LOL

    I have had this happen many times with quail and chickens. They see you as momma and will call to you when ever you leave the brooder or will scream all night long.

    I once had a Bobwhite hen that imprinted on me right at hatch. This bird SCREAMED every time I left the brooder. When she grew up she never took on a mate and considered me to be her mate. She would squat for me all the time all summer long and would let me pet her back. LOL She knew her name and came running to me every time she saw me coming, unlike any other quail I have ever had imprint on me.

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