Chicks in Coop?


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9 Years
Apr 21, 2010
I have four chicks. The youngest are 5 1/2 maybe 6 weeks old the oldest one is 9 or ten weeks old. I have been keeping them in a brooder on my porch until we get the coop done. Well, the coop is done except the hen house. We are doing the "garden coop". So it is very secure and the henhouse walls are up on the exterior but not inside the main coop.

My question is can I put them in the coop starting tonight without being in a "hen house"? I did lay some boards across where my husband is obviously going to put the floor. I know one of them flew up there today, there was "evidence" but I don't know if the youngest can fly up there.

I let them stay out there last night until about 9:30pm there were no lights and I went to get them to bring them in and they were on a little roost I put at the bottom of the coop.

If I move the roost higher up will they figure out how to get up there? Should I worry? AHHHHHH my babies are growing up and moving out and I am scared.

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