Chicks in Garage


May 16, 2022
Hi all! I have 8, 2 wk old chicks and 5 keets, they are currently in the house, but the dust and dander is affecting my eyes. We are in TX and it is about 95-100 during the day and 70s at night. If I move them to garage can I turn the heat off during the day and use lamp for next 2 weeks after sundown? Thanks!!
Thank you both, I thought they would be, wanted confirmation from the experts!!!
I had no idea how attached someone could get to chickens, they are fun and funnie!!!
The chicks had a successful move, movers were short on time and had to go a little faster than the chicks thought was appropriate, lol!!
Clean bed, food and water, window open and garage door open halfway, fan on to circulate air. Hopefully they are happy. We work from home and check on them about 6 times a day, so I'm sure they will let us know if they are unhappy

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