Chicks in greenhouse with high humidity will they be OK? (w/pic)


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Apr 17, 2009
Michigan - in the thumb
A friend of mine has purcahsed 15 chickens from the feed store and when he posted pictures of them on his FB the chicks looked all wet.

I'm guessing he has them in his greenhouse and the wet feathers must be from the high humidity.

I was wondering will the chicks be OK with very humid conditions?

Here is the picture of the chicks.
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They are gonna freeze in Michigan unless he has it super warm in there. Also it will make their food moldy. Moldy food can kill chickens.

Not a healthy environment for their lungs either due to mold.

I would say he needs more ventilation in that place to get the moisture out. Trouble is, chicks really can't have a draft or they might freeze to death.
I was told by the local chicken man never to put the chickens in my hoop house. Too humid and bad for their lungs. Also too hot in the day and too cold at night. The temp fluctuates wildly in a greenhouse or hoop house.
From his other pictures it looks like he has them in some sort of box with a heat lamp. I had similar concerns that the chickens could be in trouble if there was a real cold snap with all the humidity. I might walk on down and see how the chicks are doing.

But they are not my chicks so if that is how he wants to keep them I really can't say to much. When he had chickens a few years ago he did not have a coop for them and just let them fend for themselves. He lost a few to dogs, raccoons and hawks and did not supply them with a shelter in the winter. Poor things would just huddle together on the front porch to try and get out of the wind.

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