Chicks in the Shed... in December?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by my sunwolf, Nov 28, 2012.

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    So this is only my second batch of baby chicks. Last time we did them in April in the house... and I will never go through that again! The chick dust made me crazy/allergic.

    So, I've decided to raise this next batch in the shed. And the next batch of 25 chicks is arriving next week. Unfortunately, the shed's not really insulated. It's draft-free, but it does get to similar temperatures as outside. Lately, the lows have been around 28-32˚F.

    My main question is: if I have a 250W red heat lamp on all the time, will it be warm enough in there for the little guys? My setup is a cardboard perimeter with 6in-thick pine shavings. Would placing bales of straw around the perimeter help insulate a little bit so that it stays warmer in there?

    Another thought: if I do have to raise them indoors, what age are they okay to be in cold weather (below freezing)?

    Thanks for any advice!
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    Im sure someone wth more experance will have an answer soon, I think a 250 heat bulb in a draft free shed with bales of hay or soemthing might work but honestly I think between trying to keep them warm, the risk of fire, and the extra work of haveing them in the shed ect would make haveing them in the house worth the baby dust. Just my opnion though. Good luck
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    Thank you for the reply! I actually completely agree with you on the indoors thing, but I just asked and my SO says absolutely never again am I allowed to brood indoors... [​IMG] My chicken obsession is not well understood by the people around me.

    Now I have to cross my fingers [​IMG] and hope that having two heat lamps and bales of straw will do the trick. So thank you for the luck, I'm sure to need it.
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    They will be fine in the shed. Raise the heat lamp as time progresses. When fully feathered out place them outside. We did this last winter, and is happenig now in the northwest. Good Luck.
  5. my sunwolf

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    Thank you, very glad to hear this!

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