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  1. I bought some chicks last Thursday.The day we bought them, we had one chick that was weak. I am still nursing him back to health. On Saturday, we woke up to a dead chick( that one was squished by the others). Sunday, we had another chick squished. Monday ( today), ANOTHER chick squished, and two weak ones. I am trying to get the two weak ones from today ( the other one is doing better), to drink, and eat. I am constantly going there to force feed, and get them to drink. They are sitting alone, heads tilted up, opening there mouths for water. What can I do? :(
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    Hi Chloezoebob101,

    squished chicks usually mean the brooder is too cold. When it's cold, chicks huddle more tightly, and some can get trapped underneath.

    What temperature do you have at the level of the chicks' backs? And how old are they?

  3. It is pretty warm, they are inside a heated house, and have a heat lamp. But i am not sure, i will put a thermometer in there later to see. They are 4 days old, today is their 5th day.
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    Do they have the option of either being close under heator, or moving far enough away to cool if needed? How many chicks in how big a space are we talkinga bout here? Whats your lamp wattage? What are you feeding them?
  5. Yes, they can go either in shade or in " sun." 100 in a HUGE space, don't know dimensions though, but there is plenty of space. the lamp wattage is 100 w. and we are feeding them organic chick starter.
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    100 should be in a 3 x 4 ft space until they are about 2 weeks old. If too much, they don't all eat or drink if they are slow to find it. May not have enough heat available- even w/ the 100. I'd put boxes or strawbales to force them closer. Center your light over 1/2 of space, and put the food and water in the center of the other half, on the edge of your light ring. I turst your lamp has a shade to aim the heat down. Be certain it is 16" above the floor, and no higher.

    It turly sounds to me like they are too cold at night. I would do something right now to enclose them further.
  7. Oh ya, they have plenty space then. everybody has found the food and water. and the heat lamp is about a 1 ft. 1/2 away from the floor.
    I don't know what else to do to make them warmer.
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    If your space is closed in down to 3 x 4, you might make the sides higher, or add alight. They really sound like they are dog piling.
  9. but the thing is, they aren't dog piling [​IMG]

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