Chicks labeled "Americauna" at feed store is NOT Americana but easter eggers? How to tell them apart


7 Years
May 14, 2012
I bought new chicks and they were labeled Americaunas. However, it seems that you cannot get a true Americauna from a feed store/hatchery... is it true? And if so, how do you tell between the EEs and the true Americaunas?
Once in a while you may get true Americaunas from a hatchery. Most likely they are not.
Pure Americaunas are purebreed and EEs have some other breed mixed in the bloodline at some point.
They both can lay blue to green eggs, so if you are just looking for green/blue egg layers, EE's are fine.
There are many pictures here on byc of purebreed and EEs. Just do a search.
You WONT get TRUE Ameraucanas from hatcheries unless you definately KNOW if the hatchery has bought out the breeder's flock in these trying times. To me, I would say 100 percent of them are NOT pure. Simply EE's, no less, no more!

I hate it when the hatcheries misinterpret their EEs as Ameraucanas. If you want the REAL Ameraucanas, get them from a breeder on ABC or some of us on BYC. Do your research before you buy. It would save the heartaches and disappointments later!

I have both EEs and Ameraucanas, they are wonderful birds of colorful eggs!
It's true, they are EE's, but they are my FAVORITE egg! See I have 2 EE's. :D


I really enjoy my green/blue shade of EE eggs however I do like the blue of the Ameracauna egg also. That just adds colour to your basket unless you are looking for all blue eggs. I don't know whether to be glad or sad that in Ontario Canada we have to order our chicks from the tractor supply store amount and breed. I keep reading that you guys can go in and just pick out chickens/chicks almost all the time. When you have to actually order chicks it does help the chicken math a big bunch
I am sure that I would come home with toooooo many chicks/chickens if I was allowed to do this. lol
Our hatcheries around here only keep standard egg layers and meat birds, which is okay but it is nice to have a little more variety like you guys have.
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