Chicks losing fuzz.... Help?

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    I have ten black sex links that are approx 2-3 weeks old. The rooster is getting feathers, but three or four of the pullets have lost the fuzz on their backs and by the neck and are now naked. They are getting thier wing feathers and I have been watching to find out if anyone is getting picked on and they don't appear to be. However, one pullet is worse than the rest, after I bought her I noticed she had a bald spot by her neck. Bedding is clean, changed every other day (shavings), fresh, clean food and water and chicks were purchased from Orshelon. Does anyone have any ideas on what is going on here and how to fix it? Could my brooder temp be to warm? It runs about 85-90 under the lamp. I also have four ducks with them that are thriving. The chicks are getting big and are very active, eat, drink well but have back bald spots. Thank you in advance for any help- Cheryl
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    That is a hard one. I have not had that happen to me yet. Mine do start to lose the fuzz as they get feathers. The wing feathers are first to come and tail feathers are next. Mine at 5 weeks do look pecked but it is the fuzz letting lose. They could have gotten picked on where you got them or been to crowded. They need a good protein source to grow feathers. A little plain natural yogurt or grated boiled egg may help them. Also when i give anything other than starter grower feed I give a little chick grit( not oyster shell) . Some like to give vitamins as well. Jean
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