Chicks not sleeping?


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Jul 31, 2021
I have 2 baby quail right Now, and they aren’t sleeping. I woke up at 3 to go the the restroom, and I looked at the chicks, they weren’t sleeping. And I kept sneaking a peek at them and they aren’t sleeping. I dimmed the lights and added a little hut too. And jguess what. No sleep. And when I pick them up, they close their eyes, but keep chirping.
Also, one of my other ”batch of chicks” sleeps standing up. is that normal? Thanks.
My chicks didn't sleep at night bc of the light from the heat lamp. They just screamed all night long. When it's dark, they are quiet and sleep. I wish I would have known how to use a heating pad back then. I got no sleep for weeks until they had feathers and could be in the dark at night. Even during the day they barely slept unless I was holding them (bc it was dark and warm). I have gambels tho... they are very loud and energetic.

And yes, they sleep standing, sometimes on one foot, in piles, stretched out on their side, back or front, etc. So cute!!
I will try that thing from the article.
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