Chicks not thriving


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So far out og 6 chiks that have hatched 3 have dier ,1 in the incubator after hatching, 2 more in the following days, and now there is another one that doesnt seem well and is smaller than the other two. Any ideas on whats going on. I am doing nothing different that i done b4 with other chicks
You may need to calibrate the hygrometer and thermometer of the incubator, as it might be sufficiently off to cause birthing issues for the babies.

Are you sanitizing the incubator between hatches? This is really important to do... How long are you holding eggs before incubating. Sometimes waiting too long, can cause birthing issues as well.

What are you feeding the babies?
Also look into the breeding birds they came from. You didn't say if they were shipped, hatchery Ebayed or from your own birds. Hatchabilty and survivability can be affected by the breeding pair(s) as well as diseases unknown to you or the breeder themselves. Starting with unviable chicks hardly ever ends in success.
The eggs were given to me by a friend and i know nothing about his birds. Yes i clean and steralize incubator after each hatch, and i am feeding the chicks a feed called "start grow lay" from our local farm store.
Do you know if your friend hatches chicks. If they don't they wouldn't know if there was complications, like a lethal gene or some other issue. Could be a disease that is being carried they don't know about also. Alot of things if they are from an unknown flock.

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