chicks order just placed-ship 2/28 - 4 days?


Brown Barns Farm
11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
near Albany, New York
Just placed an online order for 15 Sussex, 5 Brahma & 5 Australorps and it gave a ship date 4 days away. Will they really have them ready to go? I guess if they are hatching then yes but, we have eggs in the bator to hatch this weekend so it would work out great if they did send them this weekend. Anyone ever done this?
Wow, you got lucky, where'd you order from? Last year we wern't able to get everything we wanted due to their hatching sch and availibility.
and they all should do fine together.
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Mt Healthy - our Agway orders from them and they aren't placing their first order till the end of March! We got our first chicks from there and they won at our local fair last summer. Cripes, how can I wait that long! I want baby chickies NOW! They haven't sent me a confirmation email yet though. So,
Awesome!!! I ordered from Mt. Healthy this year too! Our feedstore gets theirs there. Mine won't ship until the end of March. They didn't send me an email confirmation. It came in the mail.
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