Chicks Outside


Oct 17, 2016
The Netherlands

I have chicks that are now 1 week old and I was wondering when I could put them outside :). (Not for the night but just for 15-20 minutes). I understand that most people wait until they are 2-3 weeks old but here in Singapore, it is always 30 degrees celsius or around 90 degrees Fahrenheit...

Any answer appreciated!

Oh, absolutely! Where do you think chicks have grown up for thousands of years? Your chicks will love being outside!

You need to provide shade for it. The reason we provide heat for baby chicks is because they lack insulating feathers. The reverse side of the coin is they also lack insulation against absorbing too much heat, so being in the direct sun can be as dangerous as getting chilled.

Give your chicks a choice between being in the sun and having shade in which to move, and it will be fine all day, even.

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