Chicks outside?


10 Years
Jun 4, 2009
I have 26 RIR and White leghorn chicks that are in a brooder in the garage. They are just a couple days shy of 3weeks old. When can I put them outside in a pen for a few hours during the day? Its about 80-85 degrees here now. I have no other older chickens to worry about to pass a virus etc, so as long as it's hot out would they be safe? Thanks. I am located in Virginia.
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Yes they can be outside. Just watch for signs of chilling, although I doubt they will get chilled at those temps.
Thanks for the fast response. I have them in a stock tank in the garage right now and just want to get them out in the grass for awhile.
We moved some of ours that are just a few weeks old and feathering quickly to a small pen yesterday. A friend did the same with some of his and said they did well. It has been in the 90's here during the day and pretty hot at night, also. It seems like it has been TOO hot for them in the brooder, so we are giving this a try. They did well last night and seem happy today.
We put our chicks out last weekend. 4 were 1 week old and the rest were 4-5 weeks old. They all got along great and they really loved being out there. The older ones gave themselves dust baths and the little ones were right there watching. The seemed to be more grown up the next day. I feel bad that they couldn't just stay out there! I'll get them out again this weekend.

Hi, we put our chicks out in their coop at 1 week old, it's nice, but we opened the door and it wasn't long before all ten of them were outside. At night we catch them and put them in the coop. We do have electricity in the coop and it's insulated so they would go under the light. They were only 13 days old when we couldn't let them out because of storms and they were not happy, they flocked to the door and tried to get past us. They eat bugs and moths and chase each other, have a good old time. Also, their butts are always clean and seem really happy. I'm 68 yrs old and raised chickens in my 30's, along with geese, ducks, pigs, and sheep, and I don't really pet them but they know us and come running when we go out. I don't know what's right or wrong but if they're healthy and happy I figure it's okay. I do love chickens and geese and am so happy to have them again!
Hi Sunny and welcome to BYC!
My chicks were brooded outside. They do seem happier and grow so fast outside. I'll never brood in the house.
Thanks, glad to be here. My hubby and I figure life is a risk so chickens gotta take their chances too. We'll do everything in our power to make them happy and they take it from there. We kinda figured we had 2 roosters, it's hard to tell when they're so small but one let me know,-- I scooped him up and put him in the coop and he turned on me, made himself as tall as he could, and pecked me. I said, "you pecked the wrong one, buddy boy," and tried to grab him and the coward ran! They are entertaining!

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