Chicks roosting?


Apr 13, 2015
CA, always with my chickens!
Do chicks naturally roost on the pole or stick? Because I have no idea if my chicks are roosting. They go up into the coop at night, they know that, but do I have to teach them to roost? or do they do on their own?
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Mine chickens are about 10 weeks old and just started to roost every night about 2 weeks ago. I was worried too but they figured it out.

How old are your chicks?
Within 2 weeks they will all be roosting, so dont worry. I love watching mine find their spot on the roost bar.
Casper, give them a nice wide roost. Like 2 inches wide. Adult large size fowl should have a 4 inch wide roost. When they are young, they shouldn't be roosting with their keels hitting the bar. It can cause them to have a crooked keel ( bent cartilage). Also for large fowl the roost should be no higher them 12 to 18 inches off the ground. That way they will not injure a leg or ankle when jumping down.
Years ago a lady got sick and could not care for her Speckled Sussex any more so I took them. She also had Guinea hens. She had put her roosts 5 feet high for the Guineas. The Sussex were also using that roost. This one poor old hen was so crippled and deformed in her feet from the injuries caused by flying up and down from that high roost she could hardy walk. It was pitiful to see her hobbling around the yard trying to do chicken stuff. She was only 5 yrs. old. Her shanks and feet looked like a 90 yr. old with severe arthritis. It was so sad. She was such a sweet hen.
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Thank for your help. They have a wide roost. They should have the hang of it now, they seem pretty comfortable walking around wont no problem. They don't seem to have any problem. They're roost is low to the ground on the coop, so most likley they won't hurt themselves if they face plant by accident!;)
I have screened windows on each side of my coop at the same level as the roost. Will that discourage them from roosting there? I can seal them off easily.
I've wondered too. When I got my first batch of reds 2 years ago, they were on a branch in the cardboard box that we had on the dining room table. Now I have white chicks that are a couple months old, in a nice coop and all they do is nestle on the ground. Seem to have no interest in perching at all.

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