chicks this morning


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8 Years
Dec 2, 2011
harrodsburg ky.
set 9 eggs .. ended up with six in lockdown.. got up about 30mins ago and had 2 babys that hatched...1 of the remaining 3 piped yesterday morning but hasnt hatched.. other 2 hasnt piped...not sure about them... i guess 2 out of 9 aint bad for my 1st homemade cooler/bator and 1st time i ever hatched eggs...they were all schedualed to hatch on the 8th (21 days) but 2 came early...
ohh im in no sure the little guys or gals know what there doing.. its kinda cool lookin in the bator and seeing the 2 thats hatched and how active they are
well today is the schedualed hatch day(21 days) and i've got 4 little ones a day early and 2 that shows no signs of hatching...guess i will give them a day or 2 then if nothing happens i'll toss em out...i guess 4 out of a total 9 eggs on 1st set day not bad

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